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Gamification in real life


Serious game for sustainability

ICEBERG is a serious game with a strong integration with the real world. Its educational purpose is to enhance players’ awareness on energy saving and responsible consumption, establishing beneficial pro-environmental habits. In the ice world of ICEBERG, players are motivated to play and learn respectful behaviours in their environment by an amusing and engaging game. When players practice respectful behaviors in the physical world, the game system allows them to increase and improve also the virtual world. More info


Serious game for social inclusion

The AKSION (Autistic Kids Social InclusiON) is a game app specifically designed for children with autism and other related special needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD) to foster social inclusion. It supports the development of learners’ social skills in both virtual and real situations. In a spaceship game environment, players can explore a variety of in-game environments like as school, beach, gym, etc, dealing with everyday life situations by playing with the planets’ inhabitants.

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A narrative aspect is peculiar of effective game environments.  InLife allows to implement a game story to positively impact the learning effect.


  • The SDK is compatible to Unity 3D.
  • InLife Platform’s solutions can be adapted to all mobile devices.
  • Open Source Integration (Kaa IoT and DeviceHive IoT )

Smart learning

InLife enables a consistent and smart learning environment combining IoT and mobile devices. The InLife platform permits a personalized smart knowledge combining motivational games with real-life behaviours.

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