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Real-time learning

Turn learning into fun

Gamified applications are sponsoring a significant change in the educational environments, they are powerful tools, able to motivate and support students’ progress in realtime toward learning achievements in an effective and informal way.


Special education

Games for all

Through a smart gamification platform InLife is also a strong support for positive changes in special education. InLife’s method shifts the learning objectives into a reality-based game context in which behaviours can be trained and skills acquired in a safe and fun environment.

Active engagement

Achieve your goals

Implemented in the enterprises, serious games can drive employees’ improving their performance, support companies to achieve business goals and provide tools for progresses monitoring thought an easy-to-use analytics and incentive system.


Using a smart gamified learning environment to engage and motivate students and enhance the learning experience in training programs. Through InLife, educators, teachers and public institutions, can employ gamified applications with a strong interaction with the reality by leveraging on a flexible IoT system and customized services.

Learning by playing

Active play helps build understanding across physical reality and abstract concepts. It taps into the world of “fun” and affecting emotions with the ability to more deeply involve and engage users. By playing educators unlock the potential of technologies to motivate behavioral changes and to increase the awareness on how real systems works. The InLife platform provides an innovative educational environment which can incorporate many different game-based activities.

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Enabling learning within the reality


  • Support an improved educational environment by playing.
  • Activate a behavioural change process in which students can experience sustainable practices.
  • Provide a real-time feedback on players/learners’ achievements.
  • Make visible the learners’ progresses and achievements.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface to customize the gamified experience according with the learning objectives.


Customization of learning

You can make changes in the game’s configuration, creating new missions and levels and increasing/decreasing the complexity of the game when necessary. The game is not limited to a static version but evolves along with the players and their needs.


You can implement our best practices in your context. ICEBERG for pro-environmental awareness and AKSION for social inclusion. The games have been already tested in 3 countries.

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Enabling learning within the reality