Smart Gamification

A platform to design and bolster education in real-life


InLife offers a flexible and advanced gamification framework for smart education based on modular and reusable components that meet the IoT standards.


Serious Games

IoT Layer


API Social Networks

Open Source

For educators

Create your serious games

Through the infusion of gamification and IoT, InLife platform arrives to turn learning into fun. InLife is tested to socceed in both typical and special education.


For developers

design your smart solutions

InLife provides a series of design tools and materials for your gamified applications and an adaptive Incentive servers to manage your analytics.


Extend your business

InLife framework provides open and extensible modules for smart games development and an IoT architecture easy to integrate in different environments.

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Smart gamification for environmental awareness and social inclusion

Open framework

IoT integration

Gamification system

Real-life education

Design your gamified IoT application


A new learning framework for smart education